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Diane Dirks designs elegant and engaging needlepoint projects that reward both experienced and beginning stitchers.

Diane's designs are quite different from most mass-marketed needlepoint projects.

Experienced stitchers will particulary enjoy the rewards for creative stitching choices, but the result also will be stunning in a flat tapestry style.

The designs on these pages were created for private clients. For sales contact information please see the Needlepoint Services and Sales page.

[Please note: These are designs on unstitched canvas. Diane does not provide stitiching services.]


Current Catalog Canvases

Custom Canvases

Many commissioned or custom pieces also are shown, and these are available as custom orders. For a special personal canvas, see the Custom Needlepoint Design Services page.

The gallery of Retired Designs includes canvases that once were available from J. B. Designs and Rishfeld Designs. Any of these designs today can be recreated as a custom canvas, or may suggest an appealing design you would like Diane to create for you.

Many images are digitally assembled from multiple scans, and some will show a slight color shift which is not a feature of the painted canvas. Unless noted, all images are of a single unstitched piece of master canvas.

Diane's canvases are painted with the weave, and sometimes will appear off square. Experienced stitchers know the canvas will pull to the bias in stitching, however


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Noire Guy detail
"Noire Guy" (detail)
Personal Project (Stitched)
[Unstitched canvas]

As an experienced life-long stitcher, Diane understands the enjoyment of working on a beautiful and challenging canvas. She also knows the pleasure of working on an equally exquisite but less demanding piece. Since 1997 Diane has been creating distinctive needlepoint designs for custom clients and the wholesale market. This collection shows the variety of canvases and the distinctive treatment Diane brings to her work.

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