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Custom Needlepoint Design Services

Diane works closely with clients to create distinctive custom needlepoint canvases and fine art works, and is pleased to work with your interior designer. Diane contracts with private clients through our partner needlepoint shops. You may also contact Diane directly for information.

[Please note: These are designs on unstitched canvas. Diane does not provide stitiching services.]

Custom design projects appear in many of the gallery categories. Shown here are a few unique commissions not shown on other pages. Select thumbnail for larger image.

A custom handpainted needlepoint canvas will cost more than a comparable one selected from a needlepoint collection, but it will be a truly unique, one-of-a-kind canvas that is at once personal and elegant. A custom design also is very accurate because it is stitched on the original canvas painted by the designer. Common custom projects include:

  • House or pet portraits
  • Wedding and anniversary items
  • Specific cities or scenic views
  • Custom furniture and decor elements
  • Chair seats and backs
  • Foot stools
  • Piano benches
  • Fire screens
  • Table runners
  • Cushions and pillows

Contact Diane or one of our partner needlepoint shops for further information about commissioning your own elegant, custom designed handpainted canvas.

What is required?

All of Diane's work is hand designed and painted. Her canvases are stylistically distinct and are never generated from computer imaging.

A successful custom canvas depends upon a solid understanding of client needs.

  • Size, mesh, canvas type
  • Specific colors or colors to avoid
  • Stitching interests and abilities
  • Time frame for delivery
  • Content:
  • Clear photos and images of all objects
  • Initials, monograms, dates to be stitched

Note: Copyrighted work cannot be included in a custom canvas.

Requirements that increase time are cost factors.

  • Requirement for a preliminary or approval sketch (surcharge)
  • Research time for images that are not provided or are unclear
  • Complexity of image
  • Amount of stitch painting needed
  • Site visits required (usually unnecessary)

Diane is committed to enhancing the engagement and beauty to be found in the experience of needlepoint. Contact her at:   diane@dirksdesigns.com

Rose seats
chair seat series

Rose patterns
Rose seats
4 patterns

Butterfly seats
Butterflies and Flowers
chair seat series

Butterfly patterns
Butterflies and Flowers
8 patterns

Floral seat cover
Floral seat

Rose Scroll seat
Rose Scroll seat

Kent Harbor Rug
Rug designed for 3
separate stitchers

Ben Portrait
Portrait of Ben

Old car ornament
Old Car Medalions

Private Airplane

Bermuda Clubhouse
Bermuda Mansion

Hall of Philosophy
Hall of Philosophy

Resort Clubhouse
Resort Clubhouse

Lighthouse and Sails
Lighthouse and Sails
Victorian home
Victorian home

Brooks House
Brooks House

Brooks Home entrance

Florida home
Florida home

Cape and Islands

Cape porch
A Cape Cod porch

East Chop Lighthouse
East Chop Lighthouse
Oak Bluffs

West Chop Lighthouse
West Chop Lighthouse

Edgartown Light

Edgartown Whaling Museum

Vineyard green
Camp Meeting Green
Oak Bluffs

West Tisbury
West Tisbury

Norton Boat House
Norton Boat House

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