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West Side Story

By Arthur Laurents,
Leonard Bernstein
and Stephen Sondheim

Produced: August, 1987
West Hartford Summer Arts Festival
Director: Haig Shahverdian
Scenery: Arthur Dirks
Facility:Hall High School Auditorium

The challenge is to create the spaces and make the play flow. Grand realism is expected for this organization. Each location received full treatment on wagons that slid on through wing slots and opened out.

The fence graffiti was repainted nightly. The brick returns were painted, and covered real brick walls. The underpass for the rumble is entirely a 2-dimensional flown shape, partly constructed and partly canvas. I was never happy with the background and have no idea why we didn't enclose it with a scenic background. Maybe it overlooked the Hudson.

West Side Story
West Side Story
West Side Story
West Side Story

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