Urinetown Arthur Dirks
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Music and lyrics by Mark Hollmann, book and lyrics by Greg Kotis

Produced: October, 2006
Bridgewater State College Theater
Remounted for American College Theatre Festival Region 1
February 2007, Fitchburg Massachusetts
Director: Suzanne Ramczyk
Scenery: Arthur Dirks
Facility: Rondileau Campus Center Auditorium

This was fun project to work on, but it was challenging. We had a huge stage and a huge cast, so it wasn't going to work very well as a hole-in-the-wall-with-scaffolding treatment that it often has been given. I had the room to create two worlds on stage, but I couldn't use levels because huge dances constumed the whole stage. Even my precious streetlight had to go. The director wanted the show brought forward as much as possible, and the final show had very little going on up of the proscenium. There was plenty of room to put a black scrim in to mask the actors taking places on the ghost tower up center. The steps to the stage and the small projecting platform were for the direct address moments by Officers Lockstock and Barrel and Little Sally. The office pivoted out, and was backed with a styrofoam stone wall. The executions were off the back of the platform in front of the office tower. We had to make a few scenic compromises when we took the show to ACTF, but it played well.

Urinetown Urinetown

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