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"The End of the Millenium Experience"
By Jose Rivera

Produced: April, 1995
Bridgewater State College Theatre
Director: Suzanne Ramczyk
Scenic and Lighting Design: Arthur Dirks
Facility: Campus Center Auditorium, Bridgewater, MA

I had been looking at a lot of John Conklin's work recently, and I also had just returned from the USITT national conference in Las Vegas with it's richness of technical possibilities. The show had been selected at my urging as one that could connect with a college audience. It was to be done in intimate staging and I had this idea that it should be as visceral an experience as a good rock and roll show in a club. Suzanne worked well with the strange extreme and intense dynamic of the play. We bombarded everyone with music and lasers and fog and, inadvertently, spray paint fumes when we re-sprayed the graffiti every night at hold. I also wanted to do real materials as much as I could, so used roofing materials for flooring, but the stone work is acetone-etched styrofoam and the core-10 steel is constructed and painted wood. I tried to light one scene with just a flourescent fixture, but had to put in some fill. You saw bare instruments wherever they were needed. The crown was suspended on tricked monofilament inside a box, which had 3 glass sides and a cast sugarglass bottom that also was rigged to shatter. It was a memorable show.

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Stage setting Stage setting

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