Measure For Measure Arthur Dirks
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Measure For Measure

By William Shakespeare

Produced: Fall, 2007
Bridgewater State College Theater
Director: Henry Shaffer
Scenery: Arthur Dirks
Facility: Bridgewater Campus Center Auditorium

The director saw paralells with late 19th Century Vienna and set the play there. I assembled architectural elements suggestive of the period in a way that could house all the various scenes. The background was imagined as a kind of royal picture gallery with an imposing picture of a relative, oddly hung for effect. The piece is from a photograph of a real 19th century Austrian duke, for all it matters. A small grand piano lived under the balcony, to accompany an art song that opened our second act. The furniture moved as needed from scene to scene.

Measure For Measure
Measure For Measure Measure For Measure

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