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The King Stag
Arthur Dirks
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The King Stag

by Carlo Goldoni

Produced: May, 1991
Bridgewater State College Theatre
Director: Suzanne Ramczyk
Scenery & Lighting: Arthur Dirks
Costumes & Masks: Jeanette DeJong
Facility: Rondileau Auditorium

This design developed in close collaboration with the costume designer, around Oriental themes. The orient spanned both Near and Far Easts in this rich production. Actors wore half-masks, which were highly decorated for the major characters. Performance training for the cast included regular Tai Chi work. Both performance space and 130 audience seats are set on the auditorium stage for an intimate performance environment.

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Stage view

Stage View


arrow left Background and drapery

Stage left view arrow right

Stage view

arrow left Single tab drape

Dressing screen arrow right

Dressing screen
Forest panel

arrow left Rotating scenic panel - stage right

Statue of Truth cabinet arrow right

Cabinet with cowl
Dragon panel

arrow left Rotating scenic panel - stage right

Bench DSL arrow right

Stage view

arrow left Refilling the snow cradle

The daughter arrow right

Mask making

arrow left Mask making

Mask making arrow right

Mask making

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