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The King Of Hearts

Book by Steve Tesich
Lyrics by Jacob Brackman
Music by Peter Link

Produced: Fall, 2007
Bridgewater State College Theater
Director: Stephen Levine
Scenery: Arthur Dirks
Facility: Bridgewater Campus Center Auditorium

The show is about some lunatics that get left behind when the Germans are going to blow up a rural French town at the end of WWI. A classic American Louisiana farm boy tries to save them without knowing they are crazy, and falls in love with a girl who is trying to become a prostitute. The hook is the clock tower jacquemart that is wired to blow up the town at the strike of midnight. The director and I couldn't decide whether to show the tower and the bell. The issue of abstraction gets really difficult if you do, and we did, and it was. So it was a crazy-wonky little rural French town, and the crew built and automated a knight to ring the unconvincing bell unconvincingly. I didn't keep the knight from veering toward realism as it progressed, but in restrospect I think the entire setting should have been more abstract

Other features of the set included a step-down into the orchestra pit to suggest a trench, several flown backgrounds and a flown gate to the asylum. The gates had to work, requiring a push-rod mechanism to open braces when the arch set to the floor. A bed unit and a pulpit came and went on a low pallet that shifted up and down stage through the background. The rose window was a couple of dichroic gobos rear-projected on a trapezoidal Hollywood framed muslin flat with opaque paint defining window shapes. None of the lining work on the stone walls shows after optimizing the images.

King of Hearts King of Hearts
King of Hearts
King of Hearts
King of Hearts
King of Hearts
King of Hearts

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