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Insect Comedy

By Karel and Josef Capek,
adapted by Stephen Levine

Produced: April, 2009
Bridgewater State College
Director: Stephen Levine
Scenery: Arthur Dirks
Facility: Campus Center Auditorium


The director adapted the play to a more modern context and used modern references.

The play had four acts and sections: butterflies wooing and writing poems, bugs and beetles trapping and consuming each other, ants making war, and mayflies celebrating and lamenting their brevity of life. The interlocutor is a Viet Nam war veteran bum, whose face occasionally peeks in to the bugs on the ground.

The staging was somewhat environmental, with a wasp lair and a chrysalis in the audience seating. The warring black and red ants ran through house aisles and behind seating to reappear from the mound, creating a sense of an endless line.

Ant hill at war

Black ants at war

Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle


Butterflies and face

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