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Master List of Produced Designs

Scenic designs for all listed productions, except (L) indicates lighting design only. Most settings also include lighting design and a few with costume design (not indicated). Some early shows also include direction. (ACTF Show) indicates production invited for festival.

BSU/BSC - Bridgewater State University/College, MA
Choate - Choate-Rosemary Hall, Wallingford CT
ISU - Illinois State Univ., Normal IL
JMKAC - John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan WI
MacHdn - Mac Hayden Theatre, NY
MWSC - Missouri Western State College, St. Joseph, MO
RRT - Robidoux Resident Theatre, St. Joseph, MO
SWC - Southwestern College, Winfield, KS
WHSAF - West Hartford Summer Arts Festival, CT
WSC - Wayne State College, NE

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Title / Director Venue Year Month (Lighting only)

Glass Menagerie / Stephen Levine BSU 2012 April
Machinal / Suzanne Ramczyk BSU 2011 April
Old Times / Tom Kee BSU 2010 September
Man Who Came to Dinner / Joel Thayer BSC 2010 April
Much Ado About Nothing / Stephen Levine BSC 2009 November
Cabaret / Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 2009 October
Insect Comedy / Stephen Levine BSC 2009 April
An Ideal Husband / Suzanne Ramczyk (ACTF show) BSC 2008 November
The Magic Flute / Henry Shaffer BSC 2008 October
How I Learned To Drive / Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 2008 May
Measure For Measure / Henry Shaffer BSC 2007 Dec
The King of Hearts / Stephen Levine BSC 2007 Oct
Our Town / Henry Shaffer BSC 2007 Feb
Urinetown / Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 2006 Oct
Theater On the Edge /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 2005 Dec (L)
Assassins /Henry Shaffer (ACTF show) BSC 2005 Oct
Big Love /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 2005 Apr (L)
The Bird Room /Jim Quinn BSC 2005 Feb
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf /Paula Plum BSC 2004 Sept
Never the Sinner /Henry Shaffer BSC 2004 Apr (L)
Twain Tales /Jim Quinn BSC 2004 Feb
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern /Stephen Levine BSC 2003 Dec
The Secret Garden /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 2003 Oct
Educated Women /Stephen Levine BSC 2003 Apr
Mrs. Glenville's Musical Melodrama /Jim Quinn BSC 2003 Feb
The Country Wife /Suzanne Ramczyk) BSC 2002 Dec (L)
The Mikado /Henry Shaffer BSC 2002 Oct
Antigone /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 2002 Apr
In the Shadow of Menlo Park /Jim Quinn BSC 2002 Feb
Pippin /Stephen Levine BSC 2001 Oct (L)
Actor's Nightmare / Sister Mary Ignatious /Henry Shaffer BSC 2001 Apr
3001 An Odyssey in Space /Jim Quinn BSC 2001 Feb
Twelfth Night /Stephen Levine BSC 2000 Dec (L)
Hotel d'Amour /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 2000 Oct
Cloud Nine /Henry Shaffer BSC 2000 Apr (L)
Radio Roundup /Jim Quinn BSC 2000 Feb (L)
Mother Courage and Her Children /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1999 Dec (L)
Tommy /Stephen Levine (ACTF show) BSC 1999 Oct
The Scarlet Letter /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1999 Apr
A Kipling Kala-Radana /Jim quinn BSC 1999 Feb (L)
Cabaret /Stephen Levine BSC 1998 Oct
The Bird Room /Jim quinn BSC 1998 Feb
The Ring Cycle /Henry Shaffer BSC 1997 Dec (L)
Jack the Ripper /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1997 Oct
Soma /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1995 Oct (L)
Marisol /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1995 Apr
Wonderland /Jim Quinn BSC 1994 Dec
Forty-Second Street /Haig Shahverdian WHSAF 1994 Aug
Fools /Emmet Casey WHSAF 1994 July
No Trifling With Love /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1994 Apr
The Boy Who Stole the Stars /Lee Dunne BSC 1994 Feb
Kaspar /Stephen Levine BSC 1993 Dec (L)
Kismet /Richard Warye BSC 1993 Oct (L)
Guys and Dolls /Haig Shahverdian WHSAF 1993 Aug
No Sex Please / WHSAF 1993 July
As You Like It /Stephen Levine BSC 1993 Apr (L)
Winnie the Pooh /Richard Warye BSC 1993 Feb (L)
Life Chains /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1992 Dec
Into the Woods /Lee Dunne BSC 1992 Oct (L)
Post Mortem / WHSAF 1992 July
Babes in Arms /Haig Shahverdian WHSAF 1992 Aug
The Shadow Box /Stephen Levine BSC 1992 Apr
Step On a Crack /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1992 Feb
My Fair Lady /Haig Shahverdian WHSAF 1991 Aug
Steel Magnolias / WHSAF 1991 July
The King Stag /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1991 Apr
Wiley and the Hairy Man /Lee Dunne BSC 1991 Feb
Stages /Richard Warye BSC 1990 Dec
Fiddler on the Roof /Stephen Levine BSC 1990 Oct
Fiddler On the Roof /Haig Shahverdian BSC 1990 Aug
The Mousetrap / WHSAF 1990 July
The Wolf Has Eaten Grandmother /Stephen Levine WHSAF 1990 Apr
Puss In Boots /Richard Warye BSC 1990 Feb (L)
Museum /Lee Dunne BSC 1989 Dec
Madwoman of Chaillot /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1989 Oct
Singing In the Rain /Haig Shahverdian WHSAF 1989 Aug
Black Comedy / WHSAF 1989 July
Getting Out /Lee Dunne BSC 1989 Apr
The Snow Queen /Richard Warye BSC 1989 Feb
Comedy of Errors /Suzanne Ramczyk (ACTF show) BSC 1988 Dec
Grease /Stephen Levine BSC 1988 Oct
Cabaret / BSC 1988 Aug
Forty-Second Street /Haig Shahverdian WHSAF 1988 Aug
Cabaret / MacHdn 1988 July
Annie Get Your Gun / MacHdn 1988 June
A Streetcar Named Desire /Stephen Levine BSC 1988 Apr
The Two Maples /Lee Dunne BSC 1988 Feb
Lock Up Your Daughters /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1987 Oct
West Side Story /Haig Shahverdian WHSAF 1987 Aug
6 Rms Riv Vu / WHSAF 1987 July
Oliver / Choate 1987 June
The Imaginary Invalid /Stephen Levine BSC 1987 Apr
Dick Whittington /Richard Warye BSC 1987 Feb
'Night Mother /Lee Dunne & Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1987 Feb
An Evening with Sam Shepard /Lee Dunne BSC 1986 Dec
The Threepenny Opera /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1986 Oct
Anything Goes /Haig Shahverdian WHSAF 1986 Aug
Philadelphia Story/ WHSAF 1986 July
The Dining Room /Stephen Levine BSC 1986 Apr
Alice In Wonderland /Richard Warye BSC 1986 Feb
Rhinoceros/American Dream /Arthur Dirks BSC 1985 Dec
Company /Suzanne Ramczyk BSC 1985 Oct
My Fair Lady /Haig Shahaverdian WHSAF 1985 Aug
California Suite/ WHSAF 1985 July
Irish Love and Laughter /Lee Dunne BSC 1985 Apr
Charlotte's Web /Richard Warye BSC 1985 Feb
The Bacchae /Stephen Levine BSC 1984 Dec
Wonderful Town /Richard Warye BSC 1984 Oct
Babes in Arms /Haig Shahverdian WHSAF 1984 Aug
The Tempest /Robert Barnett BSC 1984 Apr
Really Rosie /Lee Dunne BSC 1984 Feb
Heartbreak House /Richard Warye BSC 1983 Dec
Chicago /Stephen Levine BSC 1983 Oct
Godspell /Arthur Dirks RRT 1983 July
Elephant Man /Larry Dobbins MWSC 1983 Apr
Take the Name of Treason /Larry Dobbins MWSC 1983 Feb
Spoon River Anthology /Larry Dobbins MWSC 1982 Oct
Sweet Charity /Michael Mitchell JMKAC 1982 Aug
Waltz of the Toreadors /Michael Mitchell JMKAC 1982 July
The Hollow /Michael Mitchell JMKAC 1982 June
Two Gentlemen of Verona /Arthur Dirks WSC 1982 May
The Time Machine /Helen Russell WSC 1982 Apr
Radio Rescue /Helen Russell WSC 1981 Apr
The Mandrake Root /Arthur Dirks WSC 1982 Feb
A Lion In Winter /Arthur Dirks WSC 1981 Feb
Little Foxes /Helen Russell WSC 1980 Oct
All My Sons/Helen Russell WSC 1980
Volpone /John Kirk ISU 1980 Mar
House of Blue Leaves /Bill Stine ISU 1979 Sept
How to Succeed In Business /Arthur Dirks WSC 1979 May
Beauty and the Beast /Helen Russell WSC 1979 Apr
The Miser /Arthur Dirks WSC 1979 Feb
The Shadow Box /Helen Russell WSC 1978 Oct
Anything Goes /Arthur Dirks WSC 1978 May
Rama and the Tigers /Helen Russell WSC 1978 Apr
An Enemy of the People /Arthur Dirks WSC 1978 Feb
Absurd Person Singular /Helen Russell WSC 1977 Oct
The Threepenny Opera /Arthur Dirks WSC 1977 May
The Pied Piper of Hamlin /Helen Russell WSC 1977 Apr
Scapino! /Arthur Dirks WSC 1977 Feb
Rain /Helen Russell WSC 1976 Oct
Young Ben Franklin /Helen Russell WSC 1976 Apr
Lysistrata /Helen Russell WSC 1976 Feb
The Father & Jack Dalton / WSC 1975 Oct
Don't Drink the Water /Helen Russell WSC 1975 Oct
Trial by Jury & The Medium / SWC 1974 Apr
The Effect of Gamma Rays /Arthur Dirks SWC 1974 Mar
Indians /Arthur Dirks SWC 1973 Oct

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