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The Hollow

By Agatha Christie

Produced: June, 1982
Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI
Director: Michael Mitchel
Scenery: Arthur Dirks
Facility:JMKAC Auditorium

The Kohler Arts Center presented a summer theater series in its music recital hall. The hall has a curved decorative block back wall with a double door in center and a door on each side. The back wall curve meets the front curve of the stage at the side. The stage was raised only a foot or so.

I may have developed my approach to cornices and wall fragments in this show. I began stepping back wall sections to gain width and to break up walls for construction. My research on the "English country house" also served later for The Mousetrap (WHSAF, 1990) and Post Mortem (WHSAF, 1992).

The Hollow
The Hollow The Hollow
The Hollow

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