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The Educated Women
Arthur Dirks
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The Educated Women

The Learned Ladies and
The Doctor In Spite Of Himself
Written by Moliére
Adapted by Stephen Levine

Produced: Apr., 2003
Bridgewater State College Theater
Director: Stephen Levine
Scenery: Arthur Dirks
Facility: Campus Center Auditorium, Bridgewater, Ma.


This show was done in the small venue, with 120 seats on risers around the performance on the stage itself. The Doctor plot was interwoven with the Learned Ladies plot, and it was set about 1920, with the idea that a woman was earning a doctorate. Supposedly a player piano resided in the alcove up right, and rolls were played periodically. It had a comedy of manners style overall. As usual in this staging, the challenge is to fit all of the scenery in about 4' to 6' in front of the cyclorama, and somehow mask most of it from the side seating. In this show I did something a bit different by using a beam to terminate the set and frame it a little.

The Educated Women

Educated Women Educated Women
Educated Women

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