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The Elephant Man


Produced: April, 1983
Missouri Western State College
Director: Larry Dobbins
Scenery: Arthur Dirks
Facility: MWSC Auditorium

The challenge in this version of the The Elephant Man, is to convey the places and the vignette style of the piece. I was particularly averse to abstract, verbal-scenery non-settings that people often resorted to.

I have always been fond of the look of this show. Victorian era colors and conceited architectural elements. The gothic arch became a shadow play for the doctor's discovery of Merick in the side show, and then became a rear projection screen for the rail station and a couple of other backgrounds. Tech for this show became all about the bathtub. I can't remember what we found, but it wasn't copper.

The doctor's office is stage right and Merick's room is center. The many scene breaks call for cello interludes, and the director wanted to make them strong visually. A philosophy faculty member was the cellist.

The Elephant Man
Elephant Man

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