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By John Kander
and Fred Ebb

Produced: October, 1983
Bridgewater State College Theater
Director: Stephen Levine
Scenery: Arthur Dirks
Facility: Campus Center Auditorium


This was my first show at BSC and I didn't begin the design until about 6 weeks before open. It was a major build.

First, the show portal is entirely false and free-standing, about 3-feet deep with about a 36-foot span. It stood on the apron about 6 or 8 feet downstage of the architechtural proscenium. Additional side maskings extended onto the apron strings to ground the portal.

The orchestra pit was covered, but the director asked if it could be dropped a step to give the down-front seats a better view. As seen below, it did not provide a good space for group song and dance numbers. There also were stairs for entrances from the pit to house and stage level.

Next there were two round jackknife stages that pivoted into place left and right. The backs were painted with newspaper headlines, and the fronts were the girls' jail cells.

The big radio hung from a curtain track and split for a diagonal slipstage to come to down center for a couple of scenes.

The orchestra was behind the set, and the conductor may have conducted part of one number from the stand as sketched. Somebody also pointed out that the candlestick telephone has the receiver on the wrong side. It was a busy time.

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